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Carolyn J. Rose and Mike Nettleton, authors and writing teachers, present an audience-involvement session on the causes of writer’s block and strategies to cure “blinking cursor creative paralysis."

Rose and Nettleton write as a team an as individuals. They have seven published mysteries to their credit, including The Big Grabowski, a cozy set on the Oregon Coast, just out from Krill Press. Two more books will be published next year.

In addition to sharing their experiences with writer’s block, they’ll offer advice gleaned from other writers, and involve the group in exercises to diagnose the causes of creative paralysis and find ways to write with more ecstasy and less agony.

  • Art of Writing Short Fiction
  • Writer's Block
  • Writing with a Partner
  • TV News, why I'll never go back
Learn more about Carolyn and Mike on their Web-site: Deadly Duo Mysteries. Carolyn tweets as @CarolynJRose

Critique Group Start-up
Melanie Sherman has spent two years in an active and lively critique group. Learn how easy it is to start one (coerce strangers to read out loud to each other), the benefits of sharing the writing experience (smile through the criticism), and how her experience led to winning the 2009 Pacific Northwest Writers Association literary award in the mainstream category (a critique partner coerced her to enter).

Melanie blogs at Meanderings of Melanie Sherman, and tweets as @Scupperlout.

Researching Historical Fiction
Sharon Axline is a computer programmer with the civil war always running in the background. Her historical fiction follows a woman whose adventures include enlisting in the cavalry (posing as a man) to protect a brother with a young family. She speaks about the process of starting her novel, the search for historical resources, finding a mentor and coach through the local college community education program, and how networking landed her a lucrative spot in the city's most sought after critique group.

Sharon gave the critique group a name, The Dead Bunny Club, taken from a salient scene of one of the member's coming of age manuscripts. Sharon is also a dog lover and boasts two active, in-training Lhasa Apsos who are learning barking is not the only way to greet a guest.

Sharon blogs about food and life at Preposterous Ponderings and tweets as @nwfoodie.

Social Media Strategies
Carol Doane brings her years of expertise working for the largest daily newspaper in Southwest Washington to the podium. An avid Social Media fan, she's helped businesses harness the power of online as they build their sales strategies to generate revenue flow. Now discover how to incorporate social media with the larger audience venues offered by traditional media. How do you start? Where do you begin? When can you quit advertising?

Carol blogs on business issues at 360 Convos and on her fiction writing adventures at Pearl of Carol which includes the popular, "Celebrities Who've Met Me!" posts that are entertaining and embarrassing.

Find Carol on Twitter as @TheClassicCarol and @TheFirstCarol. Tweeters beware, either persona may claim to be the twin of the other at any time.

How Not To Start A Gallery
Leah Jacksonfounding director of Sixth Street Gallery, struck out on her own to open Angst Gallery in 2008. She's one of the founding members of Lower Columbia Alliance for Living Sustainably: LOCALS, keeps tabs on local politics, is active in the Portland metro area bicycling community, while searching for unique art offerings to feature in her gallery. Learn how collaboration with both local and state government offices led to quickly identifying and resolving issues as she ventured into expanding the gallery to the neighboring space for a strategic yet complimentary use.

Angst Gallery Web-site, on Facebook and on Twitter as @AngstGallery.

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Contact Active Qu3st about a speaker for your next event. Topics include writing, editing, curating art, bicycling, starting a small business, and marketing that business via traditional and social media.

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