Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leah Jackson Show: a second look at graffiti

Graffiti is an under appreciated art form.

Usually deemed a minor crime, this transitory art form is the subject of an exhibit by Angst Gallery owner Leah Jackson.

Jackson, a world traveler, encourages us to take another look at graffiti and captured her visual thesis in a photographic journey. She shares pctures from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, France, and the Pacific Northwest at Washington State University. The photographs are not framed, but rather displayed on distressed surfaces such as rusted steel or weathered wood.

Much of the graffiti she captured is no longer visible. It's gone, covered up with paint so as not to bother the general public.

Because of Jackson's keen eye, imaginative and beautiful graffiti can still be shared and enjoyed.

Washington State University Vancouver
In the Library
14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave
Vancouver, WA 98686.

Now through November 21

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 10pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Noon - 5pm

The library will be CLOSED on: September 5-6 for Labor Day and November 11 for Veteran’s Day

FREE admission.

For more information about the graffiti exhibit or any other exhibit at Washington State University Vancouver, contact Erin Dengerink Madarang at or 360-546-9551.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes a Carolyn Commotion

"It’s bedlam by the bay, chaos on the coast, another dustup in Devil’s Harbor."

Yes! The next book in the Devil's Harbor Mystery series goes on sale now at Cover to Cover Books, 1817 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660. It can also be found at other popular sites such as, and Kindle.

That's good news.

Carolyn J. Rose co-wrote the mystery with her husband Mike Nettleton. She laughs a lot about the joys of writing with a spouse, but secretly we know that whenever the atmosphere gets tense someone gets knocked off in the book.

So, who dies in this commotion? Here's the scoop:

Thanks to reporter Molly Donovan, the person who killed The Big Grabowski is in jail, but things are hardly back to what passes for normal in the quirky coastal community. With the aging sewage treatment system at its limit and huge penalties looming, the mayor orders extreme water conservation. Townspeople complain, but comply; they make every flush count.

Then Elspeth spots an image scorched into a breaded crab cake served up at the Devil’s Food Cafe. Swarms of pilgrims descend on the town and the mayor, despite threats of impeachment or worse, plants a portable toilet on every lawn. Only selling timber from town trust land can supply funds to fix the sewer system. But a tree-sitting activist for hire keeps loggers at bay.

When someone takes a chainsaw to his perch, Molly discovers the fall alone didn’t kill him-he was poisoned, strangled, and struck with a blunt object. Who did him in? The mayor? The girlfriend he cheated on? The environmentalist he defrauded? Loggers with their payday on hold?

While Molly delves into the dead man’s past, hoping to untangle a snarl of lies and name the killer before Sheriff Greg Erdman, others chart stranger courses-her father falls for a shady lady, Henri undertakes an extreme makeover, Adam flees to the forest, Elspeth sees the light, Icky becomes a writer, and Shelley takes bold steps to turn back the tide of tourism.
Run on down to Cover to Cover. Make a commotion. They'll point you toward the right shelf.

Read an excerpt on the Deadly Duo's website!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IN THE NEWS: Leah Jackson and PARK(ing) Day

"Vancouver gallery owner Leah Jackson was happy to participate in Friday’s city-sanctioned conversion of a few curbside parking spaces into parks-for-a-day," begins the article in the local paper.

Leah Jackson has been participating in PARK(ing) Day an annual, worldwide event that inspires city dwellers to transform metered parking spots into temporary parks for the public good since its inception. She is a strong promoter of biking and pedestrian access to city venues and gallery visitors will spy Jackson's bike parked in front of Angst Gallery during open hours.

The picture from the paper's website shows Niche Wine Bar, Jackson's next new venture opening soon at 1013 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660.

Read the entire article here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

IN THE NEWS: Mystery writers cook up a book

"Husband-and-wife team Carolyn J. Rose and Mike Nettleton have written several mystery and suspense books. But the Vancouver couple recently lent their talents to another project: a cookbook."

Read the entire article on The Columbian Newspaper's website. Story titled: Bits 'n' Pieces: Local mystery writers cook up cookbook contributions.

Purchase the cookbook Killer Recipes at Cover to Cover Books, 1817 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660, or on

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Author Bill Cameron to appear in Vancouver, WA

Saturday, October 2, 5:00-6:30 PM
Cover to Cover Books
1817 Main Street, Vancouver 98660

Critically-acclaimed mystery novelist Bill Cameron opens the Vancouver Writers Mixer Series, a monthly event focusing on the publishing industry that happens first Saturdays October through June in at Cover to Cover Books.

Cameron is the author of the dark, gritty mysteries Day One, Chasing Smoke and Lost Dog—featuring irascible Portland homicide cop Skin Kadash. New York Times Bestselling Portland author Chelsea Cain describes Day One as "an utterly engrossing page-turner." In the Vancouver Voice, Carolyn Schultz-Rathbun said, “The body count is positively Shakespearean, but in Cameron’s vision of P-town’s dark underbelly, love really is strong as death. Maybe stronger.”

The next Skin Kadash mystery, County Line, will be released in June 2011 by Tyrus Books.

Chasing Smoke received a starred review from Library Journal, and Booklist declared, "it engages the reader on an emotional as well as literary level." It was a finalist for the 2009 Spotted Owl Award for best Northwest mystery. Lost Dog was nominated for the 2008 Rocky Award and was a finalist for the 2008 Spotted Owl Award.

Cameron's short fiction has appeared in Spinetingler Magazine, the Killer Year anthology, and Portland Noir, as well as on Lit 103.3: Fiction for the Ears. His most recent story can be found in First Thrills (Forge Books).

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicBill lives with his wife and poodle in Portland, Oregon, where he also serves as staff to a charming, yet imperious cat. He is an eager traveler and avid bird-watcher, and likes to write near a window so he can meditate on whatever happens to fly by during intractable passages. He is currently working on his fifth novel.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicBill blogs every other Thursday at Criminal Minds ( and tweets as bcmystery at

You can learn more at and more about the event at

Event Tickets
Register for Vancouver Writers Mixer ~ Washington in Vancouver, WA  on Eventbrite

The Vancouver Writer's Mixer was started by author Carolyn J. Rose (@CarolynJRose) and is emceed by Carol Doane, (@TheFirstCarol).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Portland Writers Examiner reports on Hemlock Lake book launch

Karen Gilb of the Portland Writers Examiner gave a nod to Carolyn J. Rose's release Hemlock Lake.
"Hemlock Lake is a departure for Rose who usually likes to inject a generous measure of wit and humor into her books. The characters in her newest novel are still compelling. The action is fast-paced and believable, but fans will find her newest book considerably darker than those which have come before."
The launch party was hosted by Cover to Cover Books, 1817 Main Street, Vancouver, WA‎ 98660.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Click the book to purchase the Kindle edition.
Carolyn J. Rose's book HEMLOCK LAKE is now available on Kindle. You can purchase it here for a limited time for only $2.99.

The mystery, set in the Catskill Mountains, involves betrayal, revenge, love, loss, and redemption, set against the search for an arsonist and killer in a remote community.

Rose, who founded the Vancouver Writers’ Mixers in 2006 and teaches a novel-writing boot camp through Clark College Continuing Education, will talk about the decision to write a book far different from the humorous mysteries, such as The Big Grabowski, that she’s penned in the past with her husband Mike Nettleton and as solo projects. She’ll also discuss the book’s journey to publication, and serve up Hemlock Lake cake to those who stop by.

Hemlock Lake Summary
For generations only a few families held title to land in the isolated Catskill Mountain community of Hemlock Lake. But with the turning of the century one man, lured by easy money, sells his inheritance to a developer of luxury homes. As the contractor bulldozes farmland and forest, neighbors cry environmental rape, and someone threatens to burn what is built.

Hoping to stop the arsonist, but tormented by personal demons, Sergeant Dan Stone reluctantly returns to his family home on the shores of the lake. The previous autumn his wife died in its dark waters and his brother put a bullet in his brain. That tragedy sent Dan’s father drifting toward death.

Isolated by his pain, Dan is thrust into the no man’s land between newcomers and longtime residents who stonewall his investigation into threats, graffiti, theft, and a blaze that nearly kills the construction foreman. Townspeople blame outsiders, eco-terrorists, a ragged tramp haunting the woods and the mysterious creator of rock cairns that often mark the sites of crimes to come. But as summer sizzles on, the arsonist turns killer, and Dan suspects it’s someone he knows well: a firefighter, a friend, or a woman with a killing in her past.

Author bio:
Carolyn J. Rose grew up in New York’s Catskill Mountains, graduated from the University of Arizona, logged two years in Arkansas with Volunteers in Service to America and spent 25 years as a television news researcher, writer, producer, and assignment editor in Arkansas, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. She has published a number of mysteries and lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her husband, radio air personality Mike Phillips, and a motley collection of pets. Her hobbies are reading, gardening, and not cooking. Surf to for more information.