Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Friday Artwalk is a HIT!

Flight Over Hydra

The big show at Angst Gallery opened Friday with March's featured artist Jason Wade Phelps. Phelps welcomed First Friday Artwalk guests with an intriguing collection that demonstrates how the creative process makes sense of time, memory and experience. Response was overwhelming for this transplant from Southern Oregon.

Phelps work is on display now through March 31.

From left to right: From Where Crow Found Us and The Archer and 9 Suns.

Mending, Jason Wade Phelps.

Stop in at Angst Gallery Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 pm to encounter thought provoking designs, materials and impressions by Jason Wade Phelps.

You can view more of his work on his blog

If you are an artist and interested in discussing your work on display at Angst Gallery contact gallery owner, Leah Jackson. The gallery includes a broad array of media from canvas to ceramic, to fine jewelry, handmade cards, and books.

Phone: 360.253.1742.


  1. Wow, that art is fabulous. Love the colors. I think I like "Mending" the best. I'm glad the first Friday went well.

  2. It's even more amazing in person. Hope you can visit the gallery, soon. I'll give you a tour of the Active Qu3st office :-)

  3. The piece called Mending sold along with this one. Metamorphose This is turning out to be a great show.