Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let the kids tweet!

Received an email from Carolyn J. Rose that made us laugh. She is currently substitute teaching and enjoying the heck out of it—now that she views it as part of her social life and a chance to practice stand-up comedy.

Here's what she wrote . . .

So I see a kid with his phone out in class today and I tell him he’d better be texting his pals to tell them that I’m the greatest sub in the world and he says no, he’s tweeting it. A few minutes later another kid says he’s tweeting about me, too.

I should have taken their phones away, but I knew that you, my publicist, would have been upset at the loss of free publicity. LOL

That's right, Carolyn. We want ALL the PR we can get for you as possible, even from kids who should be studying English.

After all, when they are tweeting they are still writing, aren't they?


  1. But tweets are usually improper English, consisting of words like UR, b4, lol and roflmao. Perhaps you'll consider making up your quiz in twitter style. "Answer the following in 140 characters or less: What was the Industrial Revolution?"

  2. Melanie: I want to see that test AND the answers :-)