Friday, October 8, 2010

From the mailbox, read at your own risk

We received this email from one of our friends (psst... Melanie Sherman). It expresses our own love of beautifully crafted language.

"I followed someone on twitter who sent me the following direct message:

thanks 4 following me, Melanie. I look 4ward 2 connecting w/ U. PLZ remember me if U ever need proofreading, editing or transcriptions done,

Um...yeah. She'd B like a 1st lieu10ant. I'd forgot10 how much help that wood B."

If you need editing assistance, perhaps Active Qu3st can assist you in finding a real editor. Wait! We think you already know one. Keep editing, friend, and let us know when you get back to that agent who is hot on your trail. We want to see your book published!

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  1. If you're writing a novel in texting-speak, this could actually be helpful.