Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Angst Gallery honored for 360 Biz of the Month

Angst Gallery earned the designation 360 Biz of the Month ~ April 2010 by the website 360 Convos.

Full disclosure, it was one of our other clients who awarded the designation, but we think friends should celebrate friends and we're congratulating Angst Gallery and it's ├╝ber achiever owner, Leah Jackson, all through April and beyon.

Angst Gallery was chosen for environmentalism, creativity, and on-street bike parking, major intiatives championed by Leah Jackson the creative genius behind the gallery. The award was made by the website  owner Carol Doane.

We do have one question: "Carol, what does the leopard face on your blog mean?"

Until we pin down what leopards have to do with conversations, we're sure you'll enjoy Carol Doane's blog and her acidic outlook on business and managaing a sales staff.

Congratulations, Angst Gallery!

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