Saturday, June 12, 2010

Right to bike, walk the talk

Leah Jackson, bicycle enthusiast is taking on the editorial board of the local newspaper who's recent article, "Bicycling enthusiasts make a good point, but public can’t afford funding at this time," baited bicyclists to speak up for future access. Jackson used her own money to print a post card with a cool graphic on one-side and plenty of space on the other for scribing a supportive message to city council members.

Jackson captured the image that features a bike, a cat and a bit of local graffiti and added her own, "We are all part of the transportation solution."

The post cards are FREE and available at the Angst Gallery, 1015 Main St, Vancouver WA 98660.

Jackson wrote in a recent email to friends, "The editorial board is turning this into a divisive issue by making it about bicyclists. In response we as a community need to focus on the bigger picture. This discussion is about the future of transportation. Most of us with some knowledge of the issue can see, looking forward, that this is about moving people using multiple modes. By creating an infrastructure that supports many modes of transportation we can accommodate more people moving around our city."

It's not just having bike access, it's acknowledging that pedestrians need pathways through the city.

Leah Jackson is hoping individuals will send positive and respectful messages to city council members about the need to continue to include Bike/Ped funding in future transportation department budgets. "The City of Vancouver has already recognized the importance of bicycles and pedestrians in its Six Strategic Commitments, the Transportation Policies, and the City Center Vision Plan. We as a city need to stand behind our stated goals," writes Jackson.

Go, city! Let's walk our postcards to City Hall and demand the right to bike.

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